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she's a shameless girl, she is

oh how we love competency

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24 October 1985
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"I do not believe that poststructuralism entails the death of autobiographical writing, but it does draw attention the the difficulty of the "I" to express itself through the language available to it. For this "I" that you read is in part a consequence of grammar that governs the availability of persons in language. I am not outside the language that structures me, but neither am I determined by the language that makes this "I" possible. This is the bind of self-expression, as I understand it."-- Judith Butler, from the 1999 Preface to Gender Trouble

my childhood nickname was ethel merman.
my cabbage patch dolls were cannibals.
i would like to play scrabble competitively
and manage an arts collective with my sexy librarian someday.
though a wise boy once told me that i will either become famous
or end up in jail.

amsterdam, ani difranco away messages, beatniks, bibliophilia, cannibal trivia, composing art music, confessional art as activism, critical theory, cunt colouring parties, curating the cabbage patch, damaging movie nights, feminist activism, fingerpainting&documentaries, hating iron and wine, hipster zombies, howard the duck, joni mitchell musicology, listening to molly compose, looking.for.boobies.in.avant.garde.films, making fun of jesus, meredith monk, miranda july, moooooo, mostly m. moos, muffins, music, musicology, nuns in rocketships, pirates, plastic livestock, poetry, ponies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, poststructuralist anarchy, queer theorists, queer zine archive project, scrabble, stephen hyde, things that go meow, tori amos worship, vegan pancakes, vinyl snobbery, wes anderson characters, wiggling, word games&puzzles, yearning for public transportation, zines

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