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apparently, i can no longer write a good hook line. i wonder how this will affect my future career as a journalist for the coyote?

life has been busy but fabulous. i've been working a lot, but i can't complain because money (read: paris next summer) is nice. i even have enough to start a savings account that doesn't involve mutual funds and scary shit like that.

between working and sleeping, molly and i even managed to have a tiny bit of a social life. we went to the goddess fest at julia davis park with lots of terrific people. it was very...flowy, but there were lots of exceptional craftspeople there.

yesterday we went to see the new woody allen film, scoop. it is excellent-- not necessarily annie hall, or manhattan, but a lot better than match point. not only is it funny, but scarlett johansson makes a cute geekgirl. after the film we ate grilled cheese at sonic and stopped by michael's to get some felt and savers, where i scored an awesome vintage dress and a philadelphia trivia game from 1989 that had never been played!

now i can't wait until first thursday-- the frank lloyd wright exhibit for free and maybe some other art galleries!

molly found the most amazing thing ever: librarything. i can't seem to stop updating my library. oh silly bibliophilia. here's my library!.

other really good things: the new camera obscura cd, izze, and persephone (now that she runs. like a real car).

today i'm going to do a little more research for the treasure valley underground article that i want to write for the coyote and possibly watch the closet and my own private idaho while playing scrabble with teh molly (and fitzgerald?).
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